Mobile Solution

clicks mobile, clicks communication

Is our Global mobile advertising network with the capabilities to reach out to millions of consumers around the globe on their personal devices.

Clicks Telco Network, Clicks Communication, Malaysia, Network, Asian

is our network signals that can across 3 continents reaching out to over 500 millions mobile subscribers and the signal can reach out Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philipines and India.

Rich Display Solution

Utusan Online, Malaysia, Clicks Communication, News Portal, Malays

Utusan Online is top Malay language news portal in Malaysia with over 14 million page views and 2 million monthly unique users.

SIN CHEW DAILY, NEW PORTAL, online news, singapore, Malaysia, Clicks Communication , Asian

Sin Chew Daily is the principal news portal for Sin Chew Media Corporation which is the largest Chinese-Language media group in Malaysia with over 13 million page views and 2.4 million monthly unique users.

Smart text, Clicks communication, Malaysia

Generate impactful branding and enable top of mind recall through keywords and brands association. Engage with the target audience with carefully chosen keywords to ensure high relevancy.

clicks add network, clicks communication

Global display ad network delivering over 5.5 billion impressions a month. One solution which provide massive reach with over 8,000 publishers within the network.

Radarr, clicks communication, screen, facebook, user, analytics, malaysia, asian

Combining Facebook audience segmentation with Radarr brand report, we able to formulate a competitive strategy for your next Facebook campaign.

Creative Content Association

Radarr, clicks communication, screen, facebook, user, analytics, malaysia, asian

A creative animation studio through the origin of famous animation such as Bola Kampung, Chuck Chicken, Supa Strikas, and ABC Monsters. Massive branding with character and brands association.